Long refit.

20180706_17363220180715_121359.jpgAfter being on the hard for some time and needing to get rid of my failed silicon based antifoul. It was time to get sandblasted. Which discovered many unkowns. A bit of welding. 60 liters of paint and 3 gallons fairing compound and 3 weeks of my life and it was done.

Forgot there was all those other jobs time would fall from the heavens for. Like mounting 2 new solar panels. 100m of new chain and wiring in the new radio with command mic.

Tuesday came and Kozmic launched and after motoring out of the slings she began to take on water. Turned out to be a blown shaft seal. Shaft was also bent and motor very much out of alignment. (I attribute this to the last time we hauled out in Hervey Bay) part of the sling was on the shaft despite having very clear sling stickers.

So realigned. Managed to straiten the shaft with some industrial v blocks. Ratchet strapping down the high point to an i beam and then jumping on it. 35mm solid stainless can be fixed. Confirmed with dial indicator showing a mear 10 thow of bend.

Ready to go now. Boats done trade winds are settled its time!!!!!!


Author: svkozmicblues

44 foot Round Bilge Aluminum Hulled Sailing Vessel. Designed by Pieter Beeldsnijder, built by aluboot of Holland. 2.2m draft, 4.22 beam. air draft 20m, mast head cutter.

One thought on “Long refit.”

  1. How bloody exciting for you 3!!!
    Hopefully we can catch you November/December….will keep tabs on the blog and keep in touch.
    Safe travels!


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