On to The BVI of Indonesia.

With the collision avoided and some day light approaching my watch was coming to and end. The sea’s settled back down to near lake like conditions. I focused on the oily wavy iridescent blue. There was a hint of black only seen from the corner of your eye.  The appearance was never seen across the panorama and only in the shadows or edges.  As if the narration of a daytime movie, was my own voice sounding distant. “What secrets do you hold”?

How many ships and lives had been swallowed by this body of water; would not come close to being known until a few days later. On arrival at Belitung’s north west shore would we begin to learn of the history and catastrophe’s this part of the Java Sea held.

We arrived Belitung later than we would like. With a combination of Google Earth and our guide book we dropped the hook in 7m on  sand. The anchorage noted in the guide book is bordered on 2 sides by bleached coral reef and open sea to our north. There are a few boulders north to north west.

After two days and nights to get here and it was time to get off the boat! The dingy ride to shore was quick. A poorly constructed and slightly dilapidated sign “Belitung” welcomed us. My guess was that it wasn’t more than a few years old. We beached next to the fishing pier and found a little restaurant with cold beer only meters away.

The angst from the near miss two nights ago had fully resolved when firm land was under foot again. Bloody good thing too I must add, as they only served Bintang Beer. A long neck would have to due. Josh found some friends. One a little boy, whose father was western. The boy named himself thunder-man as he didn’t like the sound of his Indonesian name. Josh was finally getting some kid time.

With beer down and food in, ’twas time to get back. Kozmic lay in wait, as we crossed the reef patches before the last of the light disappeared.  As the last of the light dropped we made it aboard. A feeling of contentment radiated through us.  We found our boat! Sounds silly but, a triumphant feat. In our excitement to get to terra firma we forgot to turn on the anchor and deck lights.

Belitung is a round relatively flat island in northern central Indonesia.  It lies on the rum line between the far east (china)  and the capital of Jakarta. The island once an important asset rich with tin. Its waters have been plied by countless merchant ships.  The western shores strewn with shoals and drifting banks has accrued a collection of wrecks. Belitung has a long and prosperous history, mining, war activities, fishing and its reinvention for tourism.

Today tin mining is long gone. The museum does a wonderful job of telling the story of its hay day.  The village just north of the main settlement remains a traditional fishing village. From what I can gather this is the most western settlement of the Bugis people. Remember the ones that I met in Karimunjawa? The roads are well paved, traffic is light and transportation my scooter is relatively easy.

Interestingly the locals on the island would seem to lack the skills to develop the island for tourism. With backgrounds in fishing and mining construction work and laying of bricks is outside the norm.  Most of the workers met had been imported from the capital to aid in developing the governments dream of another tourist mecca.

The north west corner strewn with granite boulders and white sand. This is where the island gets compared to the British Virgin Islands of the Caribbean. Since the massive earthquake in northern Lombok and the bad press of Bali the Indonesian government made diversification of tourism a priority.  Belitung was being preened become a tourist destination.

A Year On

It’s been over a year since we parked Kozmic in Malaysia.  I’ve been back to see her twice. Once to move her up to Langkawi and the second to play in Langkawi. She has been for sale while on the Hard. Boats are funny things and people who want to buy a boat often even stranger.

So to catch up.

The motor up the Java sea took its toll on our spirits.  We were very late season departing Bali and the weather was always on our minds.  Often heavy rain and wind of varying strength always directly on the nose.  Not to mention some of the strangest vessels that I have ever seen.

We made a stop in Karimunjawa for a night and some fuel.  This was our first encounter with the Bugis people.  It would seem that tourism was high priority for pushing more people into the middle class. Yet I could count the smiles seen in town on my fingers.  Don’t get me wrong the people were very nice and helpful. But the laughing playful children of the eastern regions seemed another country away.

To get fuel we took the cans into town and hailed a taxi to the petrol station.  There seemed to be normal looking petrol pumps. We were told that due to being in cans we were not eligible to use that diesel or solar as its referred to.  We were marched to the back of the petrol station where our fuel was stored in barrels.

Out comes a black tub and the diesel pump was inserted into the barrel. Fuel was then pumped into the tub and ladled into our cans. The remaining fuel in the black tub was then pumped back into the barrel by turning the handle in reverse.  I was very suspicious of the fuel.

We decided to leave the fuel on the dock and let anything settle out while we went off to find some food.  After a while we returned. There appeared to be no settlement in the bottom of the can so we loaded them into the dingy.

Once aboard I left the cans sit for as long as possible and then used by filtered siphon to decant their content into the tank.  We proceeded to up anchor by late afternoon.  It took a while as were we found shelter was our deepest anchorage yet.  23m Deep meant near all of our chain was out!

Some time in the early hours of the morning while steaming towards Belitung the wind and sea’s began to build.  Being the Java Sea the wind was near perfect on the nose and by luck shipping traffic appeared to increase.  This was our first encounter of many with a poorly lit tug with barge in tow.  For the life of me and the lights shown it appeared as two ships moving in parallel not in tow.

In hind site the front of the Tug was lit and the very back of the barge.  The lights on the barge appeared like lights of a bridge and no stern lights.  This made the two ships look very far apart.  Length of tug plus line plus lengths of barge to aft.  It wasn’t until I saw the cable popping in and out of the water did I thrust the transmission full steam into reverse did a 180′ turn and try to get some sea way.

The boat rolled strongly and just as poor Kozmic began to develop forward momentum could we see the dented and rusted bow of the barge heaving through the confused foamy seas.  Mere meters from catastrophe avoided collision at sea.

Had it not been my watch nor I the skipper it would have been a rush to the liquor cabinet to find some liquid courage to continue on. But the ships way is to forbid any inebriating substance whilst under way and so I made a mental note that I was owed an extra two fingers of scotch at the next drop of the anchor!

Up next the BVI of Indonesia, Belitung.

Better late than never

Wow what a long time since last update.


Who knew running a boat took so much.

I sure hand it to the vloggers i cant hardley keep up with the log book.


Now in moyo island just east of Lombok.

Covered some miles.

Many stories to tell.


Ill get more details up soon. Like our first offshore passage. First time hove to. And 4 whales in the Anchorage after turtles sharks and mantas.

Boat is needing a few repairs. But will make it out of Indo before hand.




Long refit.

20180706_17363220180715_121359.jpgAfter being on the hard for some time and needing to get rid of my failed silicon based antifoul. It was time to get sandblasted. Which discovered many unkowns. A bit of welding. 60 liters of paint and 3 gallons fairing compound and 3 weeks of my life and it was done.

Forgot there was all those other jobs time would fall from the heavens for. Like mounting 2 new solar panels. 100m of new chain and wiring in the new radio with command mic.

Tuesday came and Kozmic launched and after motoring out of the slings she began to take on water. Turned out to be a blown shaft seal. Shaft was also bent and motor very much out of alignment. (I attribute this to the last time we hauled out in Hervey Bay) part of the sling was on the shaft despite having very clear sling stickers.

So realigned. Managed to straiten the shaft with some industrial v blocks. Ratchet strapping down the high point to an i beam and then jumping on it. 35mm solid stainless can be fixed. Confirmed with dial indicator showing a mear 10 thow of bend.

Ready to go now. Boats done trade winds are settled its time!!!!!!



Designer Pieter Beeldsnijder 44

Build Built 1984 by Aluboot of Hollandkozmic Anchored

Modified fin keel, skeg hung rudder, Aluminum hull deck and super structure.

Dimensions LOA 13.45m 2.2m draft. 4.22m beam. 20m air draft. Displacement approx 15 ton.  Estimated SA/Disp 18.7 Est Bal/disp 38%

Accommodation 2 forward king singles, 2 Sea Berths mid ship, Double cabin aft Starboard quarter. Single Aft Port.

Galley 2 burner Gas stove with oven, 2 basen sink.

Refrigeration Ozfridge water cooled Eutectic 200 l in Galley, Trailblazer 47 l dual thermostat as freezer in forward cabin.

Head Single head, with piped hot and cold water. Manual Jabsco toilet, Deck shower cockpit with hot and cold water.

Tankage 450 Diesel in Main tank, 650 Water in 3 tanks, 140l Diesel on Deck, 100l Petrol Deck and Lazarette

Steering Shaft drive, Electronic Auto pilot, Emergency tiller.

Electronics Simrad NSS Evo9 MFD, Wind, Depth and forwad scan. 2nd autopilot control head. WiFi on board to tablet.  Backup Laptop with Open CPN running KAP files for remote areas. Backup Garmin GPS, Interfaced AIS B, 4g Radar with overlay.

Charts  Navionics, Isailor, KAP satelite maps. Paper BA ect charts, and other assorted

Navigation Compass C-Plath Venus (Global compass) Sextant, hand bearing comp. eyeballs and electronics.

Rigging Stainless over size rigging. Mast & Boom by Rondal. Standing rigging Ronstan and bluewave stainless. Cutter rigged with a baby stay. dyneema running back stays, hydraulic boom, back-stay and inner forestay.

Sails, Dacron. fulling Genoa, furling Stay-sail , fulling battened main, Symmetrical Spinnaker.

Drive Vetus 80hp (Hyundai N/A diesel) approx 820 hrs,  Hurth Mechanical V-Drive Transmission with stainless shaft, Volvo dripless seal and Folding 3 Blade prop.

Power 3.5 KVA Whisper Generator (750 hrs), 727 watts solar (2 200 watt mono panels, 1 327 watt panel 2 separate MPPT Victron controllers)  3500 watt pure sign inverter. 6 Delkor Sealed Lead Acid Batteries series and parallel for 24v.

Communication New Horizons VHF with command mic, Yaesu Multi-band (back stay as antenna with auto tuner, Iridium Go Marine Package. Simrad 5w handheld VHF, 3 Uniden cb radios.

Safety Epirb x2 (one in life raft) 4 Person offshore Life raft, AIS PLB. Jack-lines, Harnesses (with water activated lights), Fire Ext x4 & Blanket.

Dingy , 3.1m Hypalon air floor, 15 hp Yamaha 2 stroke, 6 hp Mercury 4 stroke, Depth sounder and nav lights, Beach-master quick disconnect folding wheels.

Scuba, Draeger De 100 compressor (Bauer Junior block) 2 80 cf Catalina’s, 1 Luxfer 80, 2 80 cf Faber’s din valved (for side-mount), 1 120 cf Faber combo valve.

Boards Jp Australia all rounder 11.2, Long board and short board.

Cooling  5 Caframo fans. 2 lg brushless CPU fans. Boom tent, Wind scoop.

Heating Haven’t had to think about cold yet!!! ducted for webasto like diesel heater.

Shore power  polarity controlled through rfd breakers. Victron 80amp charger.


The WEST bound through Asia

Kozmic Itinerary

Stage 1. Townsville Australia to Phuket Thailand


Itinerary is proposed and subject to many factors.  Trying to make a few mile stones in the itinerary though such as Triton Bay, Spice Islands, Komodo & Bali.

Townsville/Cairns; 1 Aug to 4 Aug.

Horseshoe, Palm Island, Richards Bay, Dunk Island, Fitzroy, Cairns.

Cairns Provision. 5-7 Aug

Cairns/Thursday Island; 8 Aug to 23 AUG.

Thursday Island 24-26 AUG

Thursday Island/Tual Indonesia; 27 AUG to 2 Sept.

Tual and Kai Islands; 2 to 8 Sept.

Tual/Triton Bay; 9 to 11 Sept

Triton Bay and surrounds; 12 to 22 Sept.

Triton Bay/Spice islands 23 to 26 SEPT.

Spice Islands and surrounds 27 to 3 Oct.

Spice Islands/Ambon 4 to 5 Oct.

Ambon and Surrounds 6 to 10 Oct


(Pulau Pulau Penu 20 to 22Pulau Pulau Penu to Pulau Alor (KALABAHI)

Pulau Alor (KALABAHI) 15-16 OCT

Pulau Alor area to KROKO ATOLL (ADONARA). 17 OCT



FLORES 20 OCT 1 NOV (hading, pulau besar, maumere, nagar ujong, riung, ciendeh bay, Labuan bajo

Komodo 2-7 NOV

Komodo to Wera Bay8 NOV

Wera Bay 9 NOV

Wera Bay to Kanga 10 NOV

Kanga 11 NOV

Kanga to Medang12 NOV

Medang to Gili Lawang(LOMBOK) 13NOV

Gili Lawang to Gili Air14 NOV

Gili’s 15 TO 18

Gili to Bali 19 NOV

Bali 19-26 NOV



Belitung (referred to as BVI of Indonesia)



BATAM TO LANGKAWI 450NM (4-5 days with a couple stops)



And then what?

Should the boat not have broken and Posieden not have smited us we will take our chances with the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka, BIOT, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Afrika and Namibia, St Helena.

From St Helena we have no idea. a few options come to mind.

The questions of did the boat break? did Posieden try and smite us will become abit of a theme.

1 Head to the windward’s of the Caribbean, 2 make way to the Azores and Scandinavia, 3 Head for the Straits of Magellan and Fjord Country of Chile.


Thanks for joining me!

The questions that used to bother me at times, do not weigh anything before the immensity of a wake so close to the sky and filled with the wind of the sea

Bernard Moitessier

Well, Getting this far in setting up a blog has proved to be a pain in the Arse! The goal of the blog is to share our dream with others and hopefully fill in the grey areas to let others know that it is possible to live life outside the 9-5 in suburbia.